Wixom Wide Plank Flooring

Wixom reflects generations of craftsmanship through its unique concepts and cutting-edge design. Be it cascading the chic boulevards of Paris or steeping in the rich history of old London, Wixom brings to life a range of experiences from the grandeur of aristocratic society to the rustic beauty of cobbled laneways.

Engineered To Fit Every Design

Texture and finishes influence design, quality and craftsmanship complete it. Wixom’s European construction ensures the highest standards of authenticity and performance. From handcrafted techniques to planed surfaces, every plank is finished to enhance the natural grain and colours that give Wixom floors an exclusive allure not found anywhere else. Wixom planks are WPB Carb 2 compliant Baltic Birch Plywood and available in a range of distressed, sawn or brushed finishes.