Modern Meets Rural

October 28, 2016 1 min read

An outstanding modern home designed by Roundabout Studio has a really unique twist to it. Located in Ontario, Canada, this modern residence has stunning views of the rolling fields and other natural elements that go hand in hand with living in the country side. Located to the left of this home is the original farmhouse and barn that were settled here decades before. While the exterior is shadowed by mature oak trees and serene landscape the interior is a stark but stunning contrast to what you may expect for a farmstead. Step inside and you're met by a bright and refreshing atmoshpere with plenty of energetic vibe. Large windows throughout let the natural light flood in and reflect off the white walls, complimented by bright coloured accents. More contrast is seen when your eye meets the floor; a wide plank european oak that has been tumbled and distressed with handscraped edges for a more distinct effect. The grey tones of the floor collaborate with the modern elements while the rustic aesthetic compliments the more rural and natural side of this residence.

Product used: Cobbled Oak Stoneham
Collection: WIXOM