Ultra Wide Plank Installation

June 03, 2021

Join us behind the scenes where you can experience first hand the recent installation of our Studio Reserve ultra wide planks in a custom home project in Toronto.

European oak with mixed widths of 13”-19”, in our Broadway colour, was chosen for this project to bring a dynamic perspective to the space. The scale and character of these handcrafted planks stand out even more when used in mixed widths, calling attention to the beautiful grain patterns and natural elegance of each plank. The assortment of dimensions and natural variation make a statement while seamlessly connecting each room in the home.

Being installed on slab and over in floor radiant heat, a full trowel glue down was mandatory and is always recommended especially for planks of this scale. Even with their 3 layer engineered construction these planks still need some flexibility to safely move when there are changes in temperature and humidity levels.

NWP's Woodstikk 19 adhesive was used for installation making it perfect for these ultra wide planks with its high initial grab, to limit movement while installing, and its excellent sound deadening/acoustic properties.

*Northern Wide Plank is only the manufacturer and supplier of wood flooring, not the installer.

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