Inspired By Nature, Crafted By Hand

Inspired By Nature, Crafted By Hand

Todd Hewines
July 28, 2020

Inspired by the vast range of landscapes and natural landmarks that dot North America, Iconic Collection is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of these wild places. Our artisanal approach to crafting each wood floor in this collection not only serves to enhance the natural beauty but to follow in the cycle of nature and the beauty in its variations and imperfections. Over the last 5 years NWP has spent endless hours on R+D and designing the Iconic Collection to create a perfectly balanced wood floor that is functional and aesthetically pleasing to complement and inspire beautiful spaces. We’ve curated a combination of 5 colours, both new and existing, from the Iconic Collection that offer both timeless and modern design sensibilities that celebrate the authentic character of North American White Oak.

MONTAUK - an overall washed appearance is softened by natural wood undertones and original surface saw marks that we refer to as a Foundry Surface. Montauk, shown in 9” wide plank creates a bright and inviting ambience while honouring the unique character and variations that we love about nature.

SHORE - Grey tones combined with natural wood undertones create a sophisticated ambience. Shown in a select grade - this means there are minimal to no knots and therefore still has the ambience and warmth of a wood floor with a more sophisticated appeal.

DEL MAR - warm undertones are complemented by a highlighted grain adding a sophisticated appeal to the rustic character of natural White oak. Del Mar pictured in our Los Angeles showroom in 11” wide character grade creates a grand appearance while staying warm and inviting.

SOLSTICE - muted natural tones keep things bare and minimal yet pleasing. Available in select and character grades and up to 11” wide, Solstice is a beautiful neutral tone that can complement any design. Shown in a Malibu hills residence in 7” wide character grade.

TREMBLANT - a modern appeal with a mix of warm grey tones and highlighted grain, Tremblant is available in both Select and Character grades and up to 11” wide to complement a variety of designs from cozy cottage to a modern estate. Shown in this lakeside home in 9” wide character grade.

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