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With the release of our second edition of The Plank Album comes our latest hits. We understand that you as a professional are always on the hunt for new concepts, ideas and innovations to help you stay at the top when it comes to creative upscale designs; thus we developed The Plank Album to bring you the latest in specialty wide plank concepts semi-annually.

#Our Latest Hits

1. Natural elegance

Widely known amongst wide plank specialists as being a difficult hardwood to achieve the right tones for today's on trend colours, North American white oak has not always been a favourite, in comparison to European oaks, due to the way different finishes react with the tannons in the wood. With almost one year of R&D, a process was perfected for altering the North American white oak for not only allowing endless design possibilities but increasing it's strength allowing for planks up to 9" wide. Achieved through a very organic process of applying heat and steam, this thermal modification of the raw lumber changes the cell structure of the wood for greater stability and ultimately changes the through colour to a rich brown tone (see below image) creating an exceptional base to start with when creating colours. 

natural elegance_our latest hits

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2. Interwoven Inspiration

Design challenges are not always defined by conventional floor plans or confined spaces. That's the beauty of the Woven collection where the design possibilities are endless. A variety of colour treatments, finishes and textures combine with special precision milling to allow you to create numerous different patterns that allow you to explore outside the box in your exclusive designs.

herringbone_our latest hits

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Some of the possible configurations in the WOVEN Collection.

herringbone patterns_our latest hits

3. The Plank Studio Concept

Welcome to the Plank Studio by Northern. A concept started just one year ago with our first studio opening in the Nation's capital, Ottawa. The idea behind the studio concept is to create a destination for inspiration in any of your current and future projects, and a place for collaboration with your client and/or a NWP specialty floor consultant on your exclusive project. It's a place where our latest finds will always be on display in a gallery like setting, showcasing different stories from around the world from 300 year old Venetian Oak reclaimed from the canals and lagoons of Venice to North American oak, crafted using artisan methods to maximize the natural beauty. 

The Plank Studio Toronto is scheduled to open July 6th, with our 4th Plank Studio and first one ever in the USA (Columbus, OH) opening later this summer.

The Plank Studio Schomberg

the plank studio_our latest hits


For more on our latest hits read the second edition of The Plank Album.

The Plank Album Second Edition


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