NWP Shrunk Surface

NWP Shrunk Surface

Jeff Tennebaum
October 18, 2023

NWP Shrunk Surface Explained

A shrunk surface is characterized by its undulating, wave-like surface, with dips and bumps throughout. The knots within the wood are deliberately underfilled caused by a brushed finish, resulting in knots that are rounded and elevated, creating a more three-dimensional texture. Northern Wide Planks shrunk surface products typify a homey elegance.

Figure 1- Shrunk Surface in Eldorado, Iconic Collection

NWP Shrunk Surface Products

All foundry surface products are now available in a shrunk surface. These include, Cape Cod, Eldorado, Gaspe, Montauk, Palomar, Rainier, and Ventura.

The Transition

Northern Wide Plank puts a strong emphasis on our organizations unwavering commitment and dedication to consistently improve our products. As we continue to strive to maintain our position as one of the most sought-after wood flooring manufacturers in the world, we are committed to continuously improving, innovating, and enhancing our offerings and products.

For more information, please consult with your Northern Wide Plank representative.

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