Virloak / Margaux

Our natural approach to exquisite French-inspired flooring begins with the Virloak Craft Series. Through a series of up to six manual, in-depth treatments, Northern Wide Plank offers a broad array of selections, suitable for every individual taste. This truly is craftsmanship in the French tradition.

Medium ash grey tones engender a gentle feeling.

Species: French Oak
Origin: Normandie and Île-de-France, France
Grade: Character, Select
Surface: Sanded
Edges: Hand-Scraped
Thickness: 14 mm (5/8”) Engineered (4 mm Top Layer)*
Widths: 189 mm (7.4”)
Lengths: 2200 mm (86”) with occasional shorter piece
Substrate: Poplar hardwood (3 Layer construction)
Finish: Hardwax Oil Air Dried
Shade: Grey
Colour Variation: High

*Nominal top layer thickness is measured prior to the finishing process. Finishing processes such as sawing or brushing will affect the overall thickness.