Wood Innovations Toronto

by Todd Hewines June 14, 2018

Last Thursday we hosted our annual event at the Toronto studio, with a focus on wood innovations. Over the last few months, we've been researching and gathering inspiration to develop and curate new specialty wood flooring concepts that are creative but still align with our brand focus. These include things as simple as taking current colours in our 9" wide planks and creating xl chevrons to even more complex patterns like pre-finished European oak Versailles panels. We really appreciate all who made it to the day and the creative critique and compliments we received. If you were unable to make it we're sorry we missed you, but be sure to stop by our Toronto studio where you can still see these creative concepts on display.     (Diamond pattern concept shown above)

Concept / Mansion Weave

Concept / Diagonal Stack Panel

Studio Reserve Wide Planks / Recently launched at Dwell on Design LA April 2018
These ultra wide planks are up to 480mm wide and 4000mm long, beautifully showcasing the refined European oak grain.

Concept / XL Chevron

Concept / Versailles Panels

Concept / Linear Stack Panel

We welcome you to stop by and visit us at our Toronto studio to see these concepts in person and learn more about them.

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Todd Hewines
Todd Hewines

Responsible for all things creative at Northern Wide Plank Flooring. Graphic design, creative branding, social media, photography, studio design.

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